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I share free resources in the form of 📃 online classes, 🎙 podcast episodes and a 📚  book club. I offer a 🦄 Mindset Coaching Program program that will rock your world 🙌 and help you achieve the results that have seemed impossible up until this point.

Who runs this ship?

Glad you asked.  That would be me -- Amanda Upton!

Very nice to virtually meet you! 

I believe... are capable of creating the business and life you have dreamt about. have everything you need to succeed.  It's all within you. are capable of overcoming any and all obstacles on your way to succes.

If this lines up with what you currently believe (or want to believe), keep reading!

My Story

About 20 years ago, while taking a movement class, I felt (for the first time) a deep connection to myself and to my potential. This was profound for me because up until this point I had felt numb, lost and unsure of who I was or what I wanted.  This moment of clarity created a spark of possibility and so I followed it.      

I immersed myself in learning practices that promoted a deeper connection to myself and elevated my well-being.  This inspired me to complete a yoga teacher training program and teach yoga classes as well as workshops and retreats on how to create a fulfilling relationship with the body, mind and heart.  At the same time I pursued a Master's degree in Educational Leadership so that I could bring my passion for learning and growing to the college classroom, where I thought I was destined to be.  I loved teaching and my parents were both college educators so I thought that education at the college-level would be my path as well.  But when I was unable to find a college teaching job, at the completion of my program, I entered the corporate world and managed training and development programs.  All the while, I continued to lead yoga classes and workshops.  I also began to give my life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur space to grow but I was scared and unclear so I pushed the dream back and pursued a corporate education position that was located across the country.

I got the job and after making a massive move from Utah to Vermont with my husband and two cats, I found myself in a job I absolutely hated with every fiber of my being.  It was a messy and chaotic environment that did not allow for creative freedom, time or agency. I was miserable.  All I thought about was quitting and finally 7 months after starting the job, I gave my notice and vowed to never be an employee ever again.  

From there, I enrolled in a Life Coaching certification program and became a life coach as well as a career coach.  In addition I began teaching career skills classes at a community college and, of course, continued to teach yoga classes.

I then took a HUGE leap and opened a yoga studio in a very small town, which had seen two other yoga studio fail and close in years prior.  I didn't know what I was doing but decided to give it my all and figure it out.

My yoga studio became the most successful and popular yoga studio in Southern Vermont and attracted local students as well as students from nearby towns and towns an hour away. It was an incredible experience and I am so proud of what I grew and made happen in the five years the studio was open.  Unfortunately, I had to close the brick and mortar studio due to covid but did successfully transition the classes into an online membership model.

Over the last few years, I have taken my years of experience in business, teaching, coaching and mindfulness and brought them all together into a powerful Mindset Coaching program for Female Entrepreneurs.  I now help women:

✔️ Identify the specific results they want to achieve.

✔️ Create the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that lead to their desired results and a successful business.

✔️ Uncover the negative/limiting beliefs that are blocking them from achieving their desired results.

✔️ Reunite with their purpose, passion and joy.

If you would like to create the beliefs, behaviors and habits that will propel you forward and lead to success, I can help you. Schedule a consultation call now.

My Core Values

If these things resonate with you, you’re definitely in the right place!


If we're not having fun, then what's the point?!


The mantra around here is "We can do hard things."


I believe your intention creates your reality.


You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind.


I love my truth more than what others think of me.


We're not just thinking about it, we're DOING it!


I looove to learn + stretch my comfort zone.

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