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2022 Self-Care Predictions

Dec 22, 2021

Today I am sharing with you allllllll my predictions for 2022 self-care.

These predictions come from watching, listening, and paying close attention to what is gaining traction, where there is need, and what will propel us forward.

I’ll compile the list here, but I’m going SUPER in depth on them over on my YouTube channel (we’re gonna NERD out on it).

Without delay, here are my 2022 Self-Care Predictions.

  1. Vulnerability as a Path more vulnerability paths showing up in the workplace and it will become more widely talked about in publications and on social media.  
  2. More Postpartum Support - more systems, organizations and support being created for postpartum moms.
  3. More Women Becoming Entrepreneurs - more women entering the entrepreneurial space and carving out niches that support a need in society.  
  4. Financial Wellness is on The Rise - more admitting that financial wellness matters a lot more than we think and more women talking about and committing to a financial wellness practice.
  5. Daily Spiritual Practice - daily spiritual practices will be more the norm to help us deal with fear, uncertainty, and negativity.
  6. Self-Care Becomes Soul Care - above predictions are indicators of self-care becoming more soul care.

Hope you enjoy these, head over to my YT channel to hear more details and in-depth conversation :-)

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