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5 Ways To Make More Time

Oct 15, 2021

A couple of days ago I shared a blog post about how mothers get on average 17 minutes of "me-time" a day.  We both know that is not enough time to tend to your needs BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE MORE TIME for self-care????!!!!  It can be crazy making, right?  Well here are some ways to make self-care a reality - and not just a someday dream.

5 Ways To Make More Time For Self-Care:

1. Start with Your Needs First

Self-care is conventionally portrayed as pampering yourself, however, what it’s really about is meeting your human needs. This could be a need for relaxation, a need for quiet, a need for connection, a need for stability, and much more. Before you engage in any kind of self-care related activity, think to yourself: what needs do I want to meet here? What do I need most in my life right now?

Knowing what you need will help you truly care for yourself on a very fundamental level and make your self-care more efficient. Instead of engaging in random self-care activities in an attempt to feel ‘better’, you can pinpoint exactly what it is you need right now and go straight to meeting that need.

2. Schedule It

The antidote to "I don't have enough time" is to make time.  How do you do that?  You schedule it. Find a gap in your calendar during the next week and schedule in an appointment called “self-care time”. Then, most importantly, stick to it.  If all you can see is the odd 10-minute gap, use that. Depending on what your current needs are, your self-care could simply involve closing your eyes and breathing deeply for a few minutes to relax.

3. Prioritize

When you feel like you don’t have time to do something important, it’s either because you're not making time, or because your priorities are out of alignment with what you actually need. Everything you do with your time is a choice. It might feel like you ‘have’ to do certain things, but, in reality, you have complete control over how you spend your time.

You can fit self-care into your schedule, no matter how busy you are, by deciding it is a priority. Whether this means making it the first thing you do each morning, forgoing TV or scrolling social media, saying ‘no’ to certain commitments, or potentially displeasing others, you can fit self-care into your weekly routine if you prioritize.

4. Be Assertive About Setting Your Boundaries

When you start deliberately taking time for yourself and saying ‘no’ to commitments and requests, you might experience resistance from people around you. This can be emotionally challenging, especially if you’re not used to saying ‘no’ or placing your needs above other people’s. If you’re faced with this kind of resistance, you need to be assertive about your needs and boundaries.

When you start setting down boundaries about what you are and aren’t willing to do, it can be hard to stand your ground in the face of push-back from those around you. Remember: you can take half an hour for yourself, and the world will still be there when you return. And when you do return, you’ll be in a much better, healthier position to deal with the world around you.

Self-care is not a luxury. It’s not selfish and it’s not indulgent. Self-care is absolutely necessary to your physical and mental health.

5. Focus on Little and Often

Like exercise, self-care is far more effective when you engage with it little and often, as opposed to big chunks every now and again.  Quick self-care practices include meditation, short yoga routines, journaling, dancing around the room to your favorite song, posting uplifting quotes around your home or office, creating a set of affirmations, or simply taking a 5 minute walk outside.

Self-care doesn’t have to involve a lot of money, nor does it require a lot of time. If you’re struggling to fit self-care into your daily routine, start small, prioritize, and listen to what you need.

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