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Your Mind Is Your Only Limit

Apr 03, 2023

"Just consider the possibility that the biggest obstacle between where you are now and where you want to get to is your opinion of how possible that is for you." - Jessica Huie

When I read Jessica's words, my jaw dropped.  Because it's the hard TRUTH.  The truth we wish wasn't true because it means bringing our dreams to life is up to us.  And that's scary.  It's so much more convenient to blame someone else or point the finger at our lack of time, energy or money.  But the truth, the real honest truth, is that we are not where we want to be because of how we are thinking.  Specifically, how we think about what's available and possible for us.

It was so much more convenient for me to blame my mom for my lack of financial know-how rather than get curious about where I lacked knowledge and then go out and get educated so I could fill in the gaps.  And because of that I stayed in the same stressful financial struggle for years.

It took effort for me to look at me as the source of my struggle and to clean up my thinking and actions.  That took effort and it was uncomfortable.  But it was the only thing that worked - it was the only way I created a different reality for myself.  

And you know what I learned from that?  That you are always one decision away from an entirely different life.

If you are wondering why you are not where you want to be, then it's time to go exploring!  It's time to put your headlamp on and go excavating for the thoughts that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.  

This work doesn't cost a dime.  It just takes your attention, willingness and self-love.

To begin, grab your notebook and....

  • Write down where you want to be.  Write down the goal or dream you think about and long for the most.  
  • Then write down the story you tell yourself about why you don't have that dream yet.
  • Next, ask yourself what's true about your story and what isn't.  Get real and super honest with yourself here.
  • Lastly, write down what you need to believe about yourself in order to make that dream possible.

Doing this work could change your life.  And it only takes a few minutes.  Are you in?

In case your belief in yourself is lacking, I want you to know that I am 100% all in on you. I want you to have everything you desire because you deserve that and nothing less. 

Hit reply with 💓 if you needed to hear this today.

I love you!


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