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Pandemic Exhaustion: How to build your resilience

Jan 12, 2022

The pandemic is exhausting.  It's emotionally draining and overwhelming.  So right now the most important thing you can do for your sanity and well-being is to come back to the basics

During tough times, like the one we're in, focus on healthy foundations — like sleep, exercise and eating well — to build your resilience and broaden your capacity to tolerate stressful moments.

But don't force it.

Rather than making yourself commit to a specific practice that you think you should be doing, ask yourself what would make you feel better (ie. relaxed, revived, whole, in control).

We are all feeling the stress of this pandemic, so remember that your self-care is a gift that you are not only giving to yourself, but also to family, friends, partners and colleagues, since taking time to care for yourself has a calming - "We're all going to be okay" - effect on those around you.

Here are some simple self-care practices that you can do, even on the most stressful days:

  • Make an effort to take deep, nourishing breaths throughout the day. 
  • Carve out time in the morning for some meditation, journaling, reading or movement to start the day in a meaningful and mindful way (Find several free meditations and yoga practices here)
  • Go to bed earlier (like an hour earlier).
  • Turn to your imagination and visualize a healed world.
  • Connect with the natural world by getting outside and getting some fresh air.
  • Make plans (virtually or safely socially distanced) with a friend or family member who brings you joy.
  • Simply spend some time alone and decompress.

We are in this together.

Love, Amanda


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