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How to give yourself permission to FAIL

Jul 11, 2022

We all have thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of doing our work, taking action, creating results and living life the way we want to.  Fear of not being good enough or concerns about what other people think can stop us in our tracks

Here's what that looks like:

You get inspired, you feel some momentum, you get ready to action...and then these thoughts come screaming in...

"What if they laugh at me?"

"What if there's tech issues and I don't know how to fix them?"

"What am I doing, this is so stupid, how did I ever think I could pull this off?!"

"What if nobody buys?"

"They know so much more than I do...why would anyone want to work with me?"

And then you decide not to do that FB Live you've been pumped about for the last few days. You decide to not host that webinar you've been planning.  You hold back from sharing who you are, what you do and how you help people. 

You hide, shrink and withdraw.

The result?

You do not grow your business, increase your income or live life fully being YOU.

Ready to stop this madness?

It begins by giving yourself permission to act or feel a certain way.....no matter what thoughts come marching in.

Remember when your parents would sign a permission slip allowing you to go on a field trip or activity?  They would sign a paper indicating that the field trip, which may have included some level of risk or discomfort, was a-okay with them. 

This is very similar.

When you set out to take action, especially those actions that are SCARY and bring up lots of thoughts, like doing a FB Live or sending an email or going to a party or telling someone about a business idea or making a change in your life or doing anything that brings up fear or comparison to others....here's what you are going to do:  

Take out a piece of paper and complete the following sentence with as many things as you can think of:  

"When I __________________(the action you're going to take), I give myself permission to_________________."

Here are some possible ways to complete this sentence. 

  • mess up 
  • be scared
  • be nervous
  • not have all the answers
  • be me 
  • show up from a place of love instead of fear
  • be of service
  • not care what others think
  • do what I love
  • compare myself to others but not lose any sleep over it
  • shake from fear but do it anyway
  • FAIL 
  • try again
  • love myself no matter what

Now, what is an action you want/need to take?  What do you want to give yourself permission to do or feel when you take that action?

Take the pressure off and give yourself permission to do all the things you are terrified of.  AND give yourself permission to show up and SHINE.

We are all scared of the same things.  And when you show up and it's messy, it gives others permission to show up and be messy too.  It also shows everyone that you are HUMAN.  We need that vulnerability and realness more than ever.

So choose an action, write down some permissions and then GO FOR IT. 

So simple. So powerful.

Give it a try and let me know what happens.

Sending you lots of love!


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