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Let's Talk Reinvention

Nov 14, 2022

I'm back! 

After almost 3 weeks in Italy, one week of crushing jet lag and one week of covid....I'M BACK!  And I'm so excited to reconnect with you.

Italy was AMAZING - the landscape, people, lifestyle, food...all of it!  I loved it and cannot wait to go back.  As much as I'd love to share stories and sit you down for a multi-hour long slideshow of the trip, I want to share something else with you.

I want to tell you about REINVENTION.  

Fairly early on in the trip, I realized I was craving reinvention. 

But let me be clear, I didn't pin point a desire to reinvent myself until recently.  What came first was a feeling of utter and complete boredom with myself and how I live my life.

There was nothing in particular that stirred this feeling but instead a longing that I couldn't quite name that kept washing over me as I walked the streets of various towns and villages, watching men and women of all ages riding bikes and scooters as well as sitting together sipping espressos and talking. 

It happened as I watched beautifully dressed women walk purposefully and confidently down the street as well as when I walked through the markets and marveled at the abundance of fresh delicious food. 

It also happened as I looked at the incredible history preserved in buildings and sculptures, which left me awe struck and longing to create more with my life.

As I took in the sounds, smells, history, foods, people and a different way of life, something in me cracked open in an unexpected way.

This is not my life, I'd hear myself say.  

Then...I'm so bored with my life.

I'm BORED with my way of thinking and being in the world.  I'm bored with my clothes, my plain selection of shoes, my hair and even with the foods I eat.  I'm bored with my daily routine. I'm bored with my repetitive thoughts and worries.  Mostly I'm bored with my excuses for why I live small.

I don't want to go home and live small anymore.  

I want what I often deny of myself....color, pastries, cheese, clothes, experiences, travel, love, excitement, risks, books, art, dance. 

I want more from my life and more for my SELF. 

I want to reinvent myself.

I didn't know where to start or what to do exactly when I had this thought so I did what seemed like the next right step, I bought myself a cappuccino and a chocolate filled croissant and got my hair highlighted.

It was the first step and it felt like the next RIGHT step towards my reinvention.  And guess what?  It was scary!  I had a minor panic attack as I sat there with the foils in my hair wondering if I'd made the worst decision of my life.

But after the foils came out and my hair was washed and styled, I said HELL YES that was a good decision!

Note to self...every step will be scary.

Next up, my wardrobe and my exercise routine. 

I am also looking closely at my thought patterns, relationship with fear, values and daily habits.

I'm looking at all of it and deciding what stays and what goes.  

HOW am I doing this?  I'm taking it one day at a time and simply paying attention to how I feel and what I want.  And then I'm taking the next RIGHT step for ME, which may be buying a new purse, taking a Barre class, taking the clothes that make me feel blah to goodwill, updating my website or offering a workshop.  

One thing is for sure I am committed to living BIGGER and doing more with my one precious life.

If you feel the same, schedule a consultation call and let's chat about what you are longing for and how fear is getting in the way of creating the life and business you want.  Also, be sure to get on the waist list for my Aim True Retreat that will be taking place in January.

Sending you a big hug and lots of love!!

Happy Monday!

P.S. I want to say THANK YOU to ITALY for cracking me open and inspiring me to be and do more!


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