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10 Powerful Q's to Ask Yourself

Jan 04, 2022

I love really good questions...l actually keep a folder of them because a good question will make you pause, take you off autopilot, and reveal what you really think and feel.  And this is when it gets good - like when you realize something for the first time, have an ah-ha, or are inspired by an idea! 

Good questions keep you engaged with yourself and encourage you to think, feel and live deeply.

If you want to get to know yourself better, gain clarity on your intentions for 2022, or just feel heard (by YOU) then commit to answering one powerful question a day. 

Sit down with your journal first thing in the morning or the last thing in the evening and let the words flow....

Here are your powerful questions:

  1. What do you crave?
  2. Other than time or money, what do you want more of?
  3. What do you need to give yourself permission to be/do/feel?
  4. What brings you alive, enlivens you, reminds you of who you are?
  5. What depresses your spirit, weighs you down, down, down?
  6. What do you believe in?
  7. What are you dead set against?
  8. What do you know to be true?
  9. What is the color of your joy?
  10. How do you know when you're happy?

The world is a noisy place, which makes it hard to hear your thoughts and feel your feelings.  A simple journaling practice will bring you into the quiet and place you in the gentle hands of your own wisdom. 

Enjoy what you find here!  

Cheers to a brand new beginning and a year of living fully and deeply!


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