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What's your self-care mood today?

Sep 14, 2021

What's your self-care mood today?

Zen Mood

  • Candles. Incense. Calming music. Meditation. Yoga. Savasana. Mantra. Inner peace.

Writer Mood

  • Journaling. Headphones. Indie music. Writing. Feeling feelings. Essential oils.  Pajamas.

Book Mood

  • Books. Cozy blankets. Soft pillows.  Hot tea.  Nature sounds.  ASMR.  Cuddly animals.

Creative Mood

  • Art.  Loud music.  Bright colors.  Coffee.  Day dreaming.  Photographs.  Paint.  Creativity.

Outdoor Mood

  • Sunshine. Fresh air.  Laughter.  Movement.  Sweat.  Hiking.  Long walk.  Swimming. 

Pampering Mood

  • Spa day.  Homemade face mask.  Nail polish.  Mani/pedis. Long bubble bath.  Chocolate.


Now, click reply and tell me which one resonates with you the most.  Then, carve out 10 minutes (or more!) to do one or more of the items listed for that mood.  Woohoo!  This is how you make self-care a daily thing.  You got this!

I wonder what mood you'll be in tomorrow??!!

Lots of love,


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