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Self-Care Mythbusters

Sep 21, 2021

5 myths I always here about self-care:

MYTH 1:  Self-care is selfish

MYTH 2:  Self-care is expensive

MYTH 3:  Self-care is time consuming

MYTH 4:  Self-care must be earned

MYTH 5:  Self-care looks like bubble baths and face masks.

READY FOR THE TRUTH? Let’s bust those myths!! 

TRUTH 1:  Focusing on your emotional, mental, and spiritual stability doesn’t take away from others. There’s a difference between being selfish and taking care of yourself.  Meeting your own needs makes you better equipped to meet the needs of others.

TRUTH 2: Self-care is the intentional actions you take in order to thrive in your life. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit can improve the quality of your life now and in the future.  

TRUTH 3:  You don’t need to dedicate a lot of time to a self-care practice for it to be effective. Even micro-moments of self-care practice throughout your day are beneficial.

TRUTH 4:  Self-care is a basic human right. You don't need to do or achieve anything in order to practice self-care.  In fact, self-care gives you the energy and nourishment you need to achieve great things.

TRUTH 5:  There are endless ways to take care of yourself that have absolutely nothing to do with bubble baths and face masks.  Self-care can include sleeping and rest, moving your body, quieting your mind, being a lifelong learner, connecting with others and establishing a loving and supportive relationship with yourself.

To help you with making self-care an ongoing practice, I've created 30 Self-Care Challenges for you.  All you need to do is download, print, and post the challenges on your mirror or fridge and cross off one thing a day.  Have FUN with this!  

Lots of love,


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