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When To Stop Consuming & Start Creating

Jul 12, 2022

How do you use the first hour of your day?  Do you consume news, blogs, podcasts, etc.? 

Although it may seem useful to take all that info in at the beginning of your day, it's actually burning your precious mental energy and creating a total distraction from what you are here to do. 

Think about how you feel when you first wake up...as you notice the ideas peculating, the inspiration coming through and the vision for your day/life taking shape.


Then you sit at your computer and begin reading the newsletters that have rolled in, you scroll Facebook or you begin to research something.

And then BAM, you feel completely unfocused, distracted and confused about what you are doing that day and how you wanted to spend your time.  The ideas you were so excited about when you first woke up may even begin to feel hazy or out of reach.

What's the problem with this?    

Well, as an entrepreneur, the problem is that when you get other people's voices in your head you forget your own unique voice.    

The other problem is that there is no risk in consuming.

  • There’s no fear of rejection.
  • No concern of choosing the wrong path.
  • And no feeling like an idiot.

Sure, when you are entrepreneur you will need to do plenty of work and consuming to get up to speed, especially at the beginning.  

But the best way to become good at something is not to learn everything under the sun.

It’s to DO IT.

To find other people who need help and help them.

As soon as you know one person in the world who you’re confident you could help in a massive way using your talents, skills, passions and experiences, then it’s time to start creating.

Don't get me wrong, you still can (and should) consume on a specific and selective basis.

But if you are ever facing a decision to consume or to create, the answer is always to create. 

The fun thing is that every one of us faces this decision every single day. Do I respond to emails or help a client? Do I read a blog post or do I write one? Do I take another course or do I start creating the one that I know will change lives?

We all know the answer. 

Create first.  

Then if there’s time to consume, and you really feel like it, then go ahead and consume. 

But realize that right this second there is someone out there who would happily pay you for something that’s still stuck inside you.

The sooner you get it out, the sooner you’ll make others’ lives better. And the sooner you’ll have experience and real tangible results.

No amount of consumption could hold a candle next to that.

So in case I wasn’t clear, it is time to start creating.


If you can create a habit of creating before you consume, and sit down to create one article or social media post a day, before looking at others, you will tap into your inner genius and strike creative gold.

Now the important question becomes…

What are you going to create first?


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