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Tool for Grounding

Aug 31, 2021
Soul Care Club
Tool for Grounding

Have you been feeling uneasy, drifting, lost?  Maybe your life doesn't seem to have a clear purpose or direction right now.  We often feel unbalanced or off kilter during times of major transition such as adjusting to the end of summer and the beginning of a school year, adjusting to parenthood, job changes, new home, health issues, or loss.  But sometimes our lives may seem relatively steady on the surface yet we still find ourselves gradually feeling out of sorts.

If this resonates, grounding may serve you well.  The concept of being grounded refers to a feeling of being stable, at ease, and consciously present.  When we feel grounded, we are able to accept and let go of the momentary tough moments throughout the day and are not easily influenced by others' ideas or feelings.  You feel more at peace with your authentic self.

It's normal to feel more or less grounded during different times in our lives.  Recognizing when we are not grounded is a useful practice to help us course correct and continue growing.

Signs You May Not Be Grounded:

  • Feeling uneasy or lost
  • Difficulty finishing projects
  • Lack of passion or pleasure for things you used to enjoy
  • Strong need to fix yourself or things in your life
  • Questioning things more than usual
  • Less connected to the people you love
  • Engaging in constant distractions to avoid the quiet of your own thoughts

If these signs sound familiar, it may be time to engage in a grounding practice, which can be as simple as a daily grounding meditation.

I have created a grounding meditation just for you, called Earth & Sky Meditation (click image above), that will help you root into the present moment and release anxious, lost or ungrounded energy so that you can more easily access ease and presence.

Practice this meditation anytime those feelings of unease, anxiety, or drifting creep in.  May this meditation be a helpful part of your wellness routine.

Lots of love,


P.S.  One of the benefits of a daily morning practice is feeling more grounded and present.  If you would like support with establishing a daily practice, join the waitlist for my Wake Up For Your Life program, where you will learn my step-by-step process for creating a morning routine you can't wait to wake up for.


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