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What If Social Media Is Neutral?

Sep 26, 2022

 I have taken so many classes, workshops and trainings on social media that my head hurts thinking about all the must-do's and latest algorithm updates.  The most common MUST DO is to post 4-5 a week....and if you truly want to grow your following then 4-5 times a day.




I am not interested in that.  I don't want to spend my time doing that.  No thank you.


But even though I don't want to do that I have still felt the PRESSURE to post and be active on social media.  


Because "that's what every other business owner is doing" and "If I want to grow, then that's what I have to do."


These thoughts were totally stressing me out so I took my questions and anxiety about social media to my mentor and coaching group. 


Here's what happened....


I shared that I had been trying to keep up with posting on social media regularly but I wasn't taking it seriously and I wasn't enjoying any part of the process.  As a result I was posting inconsistently and while posting I would have these thoughts:  

  • This is a waste of time
  • No one will see this anyways
  • I don't know what to focus on (should I do FB Lives, Stories, Posts or Reels?)
  • I hate social media
  • Do I really need to do social media - does it matter???


And this is the coaching that I received: 

Do you need to do social media? You don’t NEED to. Lots of entrepreneurs have successful businesses and don’t do social media. Do you WANT to do social media?  Or do you want to create clients in another way?  It’s totally fine either way and you can be successful either way.


As a result of that coaching, I experienced a bit of a mind twist.  I realized when I was having a negative experience it was because I was being negative. Social media is neutral. When I think social media is negative it’s not because social media is negative it’s because I am being negative.


And then I made a new list of thoughts about social media:

  • Social media is free advertising
  • Social media is an incredible opportunity for business owners
  • I’m willing to post even if no one sees it
  • Even if I don’t get an instant result I want to try and help someone on social media today
  • Social media increases my impact, improves my communication and creates opportunity for connection
  • I get to decide how often I want to post on social media 


This coaching and these thoughts have changed everything for me.  I created a posting schedule that works for ME and I'm experiencing far more joy and ease with the process. I'm also clearer about my objective with social media and I am IGNORING all marketing that tells me do it differently.  Instead, I'm doing it my way and it feels great!


If you are struggling with social media or any other part of your marketing, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you NEED to do social media (or another method)?
  • Do you WANT to do social media (or another method)? 
  • Where are your clients/customers coming from?  What if you did more of that?
  • How do YOU want to create clients/customers?


I coached a client through this very process and she decided she didn't want to do social media at all.  And guess what?  She still reached her revenue goal and filled every spot in her practice....without social media and without a website.  


Bottomline:  You get to decide what you want to do and how you choose to use marketing methods.  There is no RIGHT way.  Do what works for you.



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