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What you already know

Dec 19, 2022

I'm fresh from an amazing retreat on claiming and living our soul's purpose.  During the retreat we talked about how we are here, on this planet, for a specific purpose.  We each have a calling and when we stand still long enough and tune out the chaos of daily life, we can feel it.  We can hear it.  

This calling lives within our cellular structure and flows within our tissues, blood, bones and breath.  It's not separate from us, it is us. 

And it is something our soul's chose before we landed in our bodies to live this current life.

It's a mission we accepted, even though we knew, without a doubt that it would not be easy, we would get lost and there would be heart break, pain and discomfort.  

Our soul said YES because this calling is necessary to our evolution as individuals and as a society.  

We know this, deeply.  It makes itself known as we look up at the vast sky and remember that we belong to the stars and the moon.  It makes itself known in conversation when a topic brings us alive with curiosity and excitement.  It makes itself known through our longings and desires.

It's always there, speaking to us, asking us to pay attention.  

The trouble is our minds get in the way.  We get stuck.  We value other people's opinions more than our own. 

We get so busy doing and being everything for everyone that we can't feel the pulse of our calling. 

We lose trust in our intuition, in ourselves. 

We get scared that it will be hard and that we will be alone. 

We stick to the path someone else has laid out and believe with all our might that it is enough even though we can feel ourselves dying inside.

And then one day, we wake up and we've had enough.  We want more.  We know we are meant to do more, live more, give more, experience more, love more.

This is our soul talking.  This is our soul begging us to pay attention.  This is our soul nudging us in the direction of our calling.

Do you feel the nudge?  Do know what you are being called toward?  

If you are wondering what your calling is, think about:

  • What brings you joy, what makes you smile
  • What you could talk about endlessly
  • What you love to learn about
  • What you would go back to school to get a degree in
  • What you would do, if money and time were not an issue
  • What your dreams and desires center around
  • What your whole body responds to when you think about, experience or talk about a specific thing

Maybe you have experienced this calling as a knowing or a flash of insight.

Maybe it's a feeling of potential and possibility.

Maybe you have visions or experience sensations in your body.

I invite you to simply pay attention.  What do you hear?  What do you feel?  What do you see?

Lean in to YOUrself.  Get curious.  

Look up at the sky and feel your own vastness within. 

Feel how your calling lays just beneath the surface of your skin, pulsing with life. 

You are here for a reason.  Can you feel that?   

If you are curious about what are you are here to do as well as how to make money following your soul's calling, connect with me.  I'd love to support you. 

Sending you all of my love,



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