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Give Me Your Wish List

Oct 19, 2021

If I could wave a magic wand and give you EVERYTHING you need to make self-care a daily thing in your life … What would you wish for?

This is an open-ended wish list, as I work on new workshops, programs, and opportunities for 2022.

You can simply reply with all your wishes.

For example:

wish I had a really fun way to track my progress... 
wish I had a daily email prompt to keep me motivated…
wish I had a challenge with action steps to keep me going…
wish I had a group that I could lean on for accountability and encouragement…

You can reply with 1 wish or 10!

I’m excited to read all of your wishes as I plan out the MOST empowering and supportive year ever…

Lots of love,

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5 Ways To Make More Time

Oct 15, 2021

A couple of days ago I shared a blog post about how mothers get on average 17 minutes of "me-time" a day.  We both know that is not enough time to tend to your needs BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE MORE TIME for self-care????!!!!  It can be crazy making, right?  Well here are some ways to make self-care a reality - and not just a someday dream.

5 Ways To Make More Time For Self-Care:

1. Start with Your Needs First

Self-care is conventionally portrayed as pampering yourself, however, what it’s really about is meeting your human needs. This could be a need for relaxation, a need for quiet, a need for connection, a need for stability, and much more. Before you engage in any kind of self-care related activity, think to yourself: what needs do I want to meet here? What do I need most in my life right now?

Knowing what you need will help you truly care for yourself on a very fundamental level and make your self-care more efficient. Instead of...

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You deserve more than 17 minutes of "me-time"

Oct 13, 2021

As a mother and a woman I have been conditioned to put others' needs in front of my own, over and over again. I worry that if I take time for myself, everything will fall a part, or someone will need me and I won't be there, or that I shouldn't need time for myself because I should be able to do it all.

But this is all bogus. We both know this but the cultural conditioning and expectations are tough to get out from under.

Research shows that 78% of moms say they put off taking care of their own health to care for family members. Specifically moms, on average, give more time and care to family members in this order: Kids, then pets, older relatives, spouses or significant others, and then (finally) themselves.

Seriously, we are putting ourselves three places behind the family dog (listen, I LOVE my dog but my wellbeing has got to come first).

On top of that, mothers get around 17 minutes of "me time" each day.  Sound about right? 🙋‍♀️

How are we supposed to be functioning human...

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Turn someday into now

Oct 12, 2021

I have been a swimmer all of my life...it's something that has brought a huge amount of joy to my life and is also an ability/skill/passion that I am super proud of.  But about 8 years ago, after swimming at least 3-4 times a week for years, I stopped.  

We moved to a small town and the nearest pool was in the next town over, which felt impossibly far plus I had a bunch of hangups around the pool itself (it wasn't what I used to).  So I didn't go but I would tell myself regularly that I would get back in the water soon - I'd find a way to get over the hurdles.  1 year went by then 2 then 3 then 4...and now 8.  

EIGHT YEARS of putting something I LOVE to the side.  EIGHT YEARS of saying "someday".  EIGHT YEARS of "hoping" it would materialize in some way.  EIGHT YEARS of ignoring a desire and a passion.

NOT ANYMORE.  Last week I pulled on my swim suit, dusted off my swim cap, searched high and low for goggles,...

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The result is magic

Oct 05, 2021

What happens when you only focus on getting something right...like trying to do Downdog perfectly?

You miss the whole point of the practice, which is to WAKE UP! 

Self-care practices whether they are yoga, meditation, art, journaling or taking a hot bath encourage you to wake up to yourself....to what your heart longs for, to the gifts that you bring to the world, and to the knowing that you possess. 

When you move your body, breathe deeply or do some other form of self-care you remember your potential and that you already have everything you need to navigate this life.  The outer world has nothing on your own capacity to sustain who you are and what you want.  

If at any point you feel lost, uninspired, confused, broken, or disconnected from yourself, unroll your mat and move your body, take out your journal and write, pull out some paper and...

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Self-Care Mythbusters

Sep 21, 2021

5 myths I always here about self-care:

MYTH 1:  Self-care is selfish

MYTH 2:  Self-care is expensive

MYTH 3:  Self-care is time consuming

MYTH 4:  Self-care must be earned

MYTH 5:  Self-care looks like bubble baths and face masks.

READY FOR THE TRUTH? Let’s bust those myths!! 

TRUTH 1:  Focusing on your emotional, mental, and spiritual stability doesn’t take away from others. There’s a difference between being selfish and taking care of yourself.  Meeting your own needs makes you better equipped to meet the needs of others.

TRUTH 2: Self-care is the intentional actions you take in order to thrive in your life. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit can improve the quality of your life now and in the future.  

TRUTH 3:  You don’t need to dedicate a lot of time to a self-care practice for it to be effective. Even micro-moments of self-care practice throughout your day are...

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What's your self-care mood today?

Sep 14, 2021

What's your self-care mood today?

Zen Mood

  • Candles. Incense. Calming music. Meditation. Yoga. Savasana. Mantra. Inner peace.

Writer Mood

  • Journaling. Headphones. Indie music. Writing. Feeling feelings. Essential oils.  Pajamas.

Book Mood

  • Books. Cozy blankets. Soft pillows.  Hot tea.  Nature sounds.  ASMR.  Cuddly animals.

Creative Mood

  • Art.  Loud music.  Bright colors.  Coffee.  Day dreaming.  Photographs.  Paint.  Creativity.

Outdoor Mood

  • Sunshine. Fresh air.  Laughter.  Movement.  Sweat.  Hiking.  Long walk.  Swimming. 

Pampering Mood

  • Spa day.  Homemade face mask.  Nail polish.  Mani/pedis. Long bubble bath.  Chocolate.


Now, click reply and tell me which one resonates with you the most.  Then, carve out 10 minutes (or more!) to do one or more of the items listed for that mood...

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5 Ways to Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month

Sep 07, 2021

Did you know that September is Self-Care Awareness Month? How exciting that we have a whole month devoted to the concept of taking care of ourselves. But think about that – we need a month of awareness to remind ourselves that we can practice self-care and that it’s okay. That it benefits us. That it’s good for us. 

In honor of Self-Care Awareness month, I encourage you to take care of yourself and to celebrate it. Even the itty bitty tiny acts of self-care that might not mean anything to anyone else but that add up to a good day for you. Celebrate it. Every single day this month.  Below are some ways to get started and keep going all month long (and beyond!).

Every Morning Ask Yourself:

  • How can I practice self-care today?  And then do that thing.

5 Ways to Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month:

  1. Join the Brave New Yoga Membership. I add new self-care practices every week! 
  2. Download the Home Practice Starter Guide! It’s...
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Tool for Grounding

Aug 31, 2021
Soul Care Club
Tool for Grounding

Have you been feeling uneasy, drifting, lost?  Maybe your life doesn't seem to have a clear purpose or direction right now.  We often feel unbalanced or off kilter during times of major transition such as adjusting to the end of summer and the beginning of a school year, adjusting to parenthood, job changes, new home, health issues, or loss.  But sometimes our lives may seem relatively steady on the surface yet we still find ourselves gradually feeling out of sorts.

If this resonates, grounding may serve you well.  The concept of being grounded refers to a feeling of being stable, at ease, and consciously present.  When we feel grounded, we are able to accept and let go of the momentary tough moments throughout the day and are not easily influenced by others' ideas or feelings.  You feel more at peace with your authentic self.

It's normal to feel more or less grounded during different times in our lives.  Recognizing when we are not grounded is a...

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Quick Note

Aug 24, 2021

This year has required so much of us, more than other years.  It has been a very big and also a tiring year....full of ups and downs....struggles and victories. 

Thankfully, we have self-care practices such as yoga, meditation, connecting with nature, art, and journaling, to help us recalibrate and find due north again.  These practices support us with becoming present and affirming the goodness in our lives.

That's what I hope these weekly blog posts offer you too...tools and strategies to find your center and prioritize what truly matters to you.  When we make our way home to ourselves, the world becomes a brighter and more hopeful place.  

Today, let your intention be to appreciate every moment. Savor the breath in your lungs, the air on your skin, the stretching sensation in your hamstrings as you move through the day, and the beating of your heart....all reminding you that anything is possible.


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