How to up level your morning routine

Jul 20, 2021

Last week I talked about how including a self-care practice in your morning routine can increase your focus, energy, and good vibes. 

This week I want to share with you the attributes of a powerful morning routine plus some self-care practice ideas!

Attributes of a Powerful Morning Routine

When crafting your morning routine, consider the following:

  • Wake up at the same time everyday (even on the weekends).  This will make waking up to do your morning practice much much easier.
  • Do the same morning routine every single day.  If you have a different morning routine everyday, you use up your limited decision-making capacity (a real thing) to decide what to do everyday and how to do it.  If it's the same, you don't have to think about it and thus have more decision-making power for later in the day.
  • Include connection time with your body, mind and heart.
  • Get quiet and listen to your inner voice.

Self-Care Practice Ideas

As you read through this list,...

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Want to be more productive? Try this.

Jul 13, 2021

Does it really matter if you just roll out of bed, scramble as fast as you can to find something to wear in an organized pile of unfolded laundry, make a coffee to go, feed the dog, and run out the door?


If you begin your day stressed, unfocused and rushed your day will feel stressed, unfocused, and rushed.  If you start it intentionally, however, you set yourself up to feel focused, centered, and energized throughout your day.

Maybe you've already heard that many successful people say that waking up early and having a consistent morning routine is part of their success. 

That is because the morning is when you set the tone for the rest of the day.

When you begin your day with an intentional practice (whether it be meditation, yoga, journaling, art, or being in nature):

  • you are more likely to make healthy eating choices throughout the day
  • you cultivate the needed energy and focus to knock difficult tasks out first
  • you make your self-development and...
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Top 3 Strategies for Starting a Daily Practice

Jul 06, 2021

One of the most popular questions I get is "How do I create a daily practice?" 

I love this question and I love that so many of you are asking it! 

What that tells me is that you see an opportunity to feel better...more grounded, connected and aligned...through daily self-care. 

So here are my top 3 strategies for starting a daily self-care practice, whether that include meditation, yoga, art, writing, or being in nature.

  1. Make all decisions ahead of time
    • If you wait to make decisions about your practice at the time of your practice, you will get overwhelmed and GIVE UP.  So, determine ahead of time:
      1. What days this week you will do your practice.
      2. What time you will practice on those days (be specific about your start time).
      3. How long you will practice for (10 minutes is a great place to start and hugely beneficial).
      4. What you will wear, what props you will need, and where in your home (or outside) you will practice.
  2. Focus on small wins
    • Set small...
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How to Improve Your Balance

Jun 30, 2021

Here’s something you may not know….walking is actually controlled falling.  Think about it...every time you take a step forward, you fall forward until the back foot steps forward and catches you.  To bring that foot forward we rely on our balance and our coordination.  If we don’t have it, we lose our balance and fall. 

To make our walking (or controlled falling) as steady as possible, we need to improve our balance.  When we work on our balance in specific ways, we learn how to better engage with various terrain and situations around us.  

So today we are focusing on...

How to improve your balance so that you can walk, run, and do all types of movement with more control and coordination.

Now, practicing balancing poses on a consistent basis will help you tremendously but there’s also something else you can do and it has to do...

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Change the Trajectory of Your Day

Apr 04, 2021

Because we are purpose-driven beings, we continually cycle through periods of questioning who we are, what we want, and how we want to live.

So I invite you to lean on your practice as if it is a if it holds the answers to all of your questions...because it does.

When you come to your practice with intention and commitment, you develop a sacred connection with your unique perspective and innate gifts. You also tap into your inner wisdom which lives in your cells from previous generations and also comes from your own lived experience.

Everything you need is inside of you. And you have the ability to access your wisdom through your practice.

And you only need a few minutes a day to access this vast expanse within you. 5 minutes on your mat is enough to change the trajectory of your day and, overtime, your life.

You will find those precious 5+ minutes most reliably in the morning.  Beginning your day with your practice infuses every remaining minute of your...

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4 Really Good Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

Mar 25, 2021

I have never been a morning person.  Ever.  For as long as I can remember I have LOVED sleeping in, waking when I was good and ready, and hanging out in bed, reading, staring out the window or just curling up under the covers for 5 more minutes. 

That all changed when my daughter was born and I was forced to not only be a morning person but a night owl.  Sleep was rare and precious in those first few years but I rallied...surprised that I had the ability to wake early and make it through my days with 2 hours of sleep under my belt.

But then I got really tired....from sleep deprivation but also from not having any personal space.  That led to me being grouchy, impatient with everything and everyone, and a feeling that I would go crazy, literally, if I didn't get some space to myself.  Something had to change. 

Now, maybe you don’t have kids but we all have had some experience that has challenged us...

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6 Steps to Creating a Home Practice Space

Mar 15, 2021

It’s difficult to show up for a regular yoga practice if there is no dedicated space to make it happen.

For one it’s easy to forget about it if you don’t see the props and supplies laid out.

Second, if everything is stored out of site and you have to pull out your mat and props from cupboards and drawers and it feels like a chore to do so, you won’t do it.

Third, instead of your practice feeling sacred, which comes from claiming a space for it in your home, it feels optional and not that important...and therefore you don’t do it.

So, if you’re desiring a daily (or almost daily) home practice but are unsure how to make it happen...start with making space for it in your home.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. SCOPE OUT YOUR SPACE: Walk around your home and look for a space that would accommodate your mat. Make sure the space is big enough so that you won’t bang your elbows and feet on furniture. You do NOT need a room for your practice, just a...
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How to Start Your Morning Feeling Centered and Loved

Mar 08, 2021

Every morning I rise out of bed committed to my morning practice. I'm tired and bleary eyed but I don't pay that any attention. Instead I change into my yoga clothes, head downstairs and get on my mat. I light a candle, pull a healing card, dab some essential oils onto my wrists and temples, and then settle in for my practice.

I begin by sitting cross-legged with my eyes closed, then I move my body.

Sometimes I follow along with a recorded practice and sometimes I follow my intuition.

Sometimes I practice for 10 minutes and other days for 45.

After I practice I write down my goals, my fears, and my affirmations...which takes about 3-5 minutes.

This is my morning routine and I show up for it daily because it changes the trajectory of my day.

When I begin my day on my mat I am CLEARER about my priorities for the day, I feel grounded, and I feel taken care of. When I feel this way, I am kinder and more forgiving to myself and others. I am also more relaxed and have more fun with my...

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Everything is Temporary

Mar 05, 2021

Everything is temporary. I have said this to myself so many times in the last five years when life has been challenging...sleepless nights with a newborn, a non-existent home practice, working from home while caring for a toddler, a messy disorganized home, social distancing, school being out of session for months, not seeing friends or family.

Hard moments feel like they are the new normal and will last forever.

But it always shifts and becomes something new. Just like the seasons.

  • If you are working from home while caring for children and it is freaking hard, remind yourself that this is temporary.
  • If you do not have a home practice right now, remind yourself that this is temporary.
  • If you do not have the oomph to wear anything other than sweat pants while you work from home, remind yourself that this is temporary.
  • If your budget is all over the place and you know you need to meal plan but haven't done so yet, remind yourself that this is temporary.

Our lives are not fixed. We...

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Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos

Mar 01, 2021

Most of us are living in some form of organized chaos as we work remotely, take care of kids, and manage our homes....all at the same time.  Some days everything goes smoothly and joyfully and other days we want to scream, pull our hair out, and quit everything. 

We are, as a result of Covid, struggling to find balance in our daily lives and it is unsettling and exhausting.  Without steadiness to a rhythm, we become jumbled, unclear, unmotivated, and uncreative.  But thankfully all is not lost and we can develop a new and more helpful relationship to balance, one that serves us in this current state of being. 

Often balance is confused with symmetry, which is focused on two parts being the same.  Balance, on the other hand, is all about grounding and finding steadiness. 

If we focus on our lives being symmetrical, with all parts receiving the same amount of love and care and we fail to create that experience (which always happens), then there's the...

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