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I Offer a 12-Month 1:1 Coaching Program for Professional Women Who Want to Start a Business Doing What They're Good At.

Meet with Amanda to see if this is right for you. Schedule a consultation call here:

Hi! I’m Amanda, an entrepreneur turned certified life coach turned business coach. 

I started my first business in 2004 teaching Pilates.

Then I created a yoga teaching business.

Later, I created a career coaching business, a wellness consulting practice, a yoga studio and a self-care coaching biz.

These businesses were born from my interests at the time as well as whatever it was I was going through, whether it was moving across the country, getting married, getting divorced, getting married again, quitting the corporate world or from a moment of profound personal growth.

🤔 Each business began with “what am I good at right now?” and “what do I care about?” then went from there.

Every step of the way was scary. But I didn’t let fear stop me from starting something new - I just took it as a sign that I was on to something good.

Now I help professional women start a business doing what they’re good at.

I help women go from feeling stuck in a job to feeling freedom on how, when and where they work.

If you’re ready to become the unstoppable leader of your life, schedule a consultation call.

What you want is 100% possible.


You started a business doing what're you good at and that business ideas was aligned with your purpose and could make a real difference in the world?

How would that feel?

It would be amazing, right?! 

But wait, there's something getting in the way of taking the first step.....it's FEAR!! 

Fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of not knowing enough, fear of not making enough money, fear of fear!! 

You're not alone in feeling scared, sister! Starting a biz can feel scary. But guess what? You CAN do this.  You have everything you need to make it happen.

If you're feeling stuck in fear, let's work together.  I'll teach you how to navigate the fear and take action so you can create your dream business.

We'll focus on taking small steps towards your goals, building confidence, and overcoming those fears that are holding you back.

It's time to stop letting fear stop you from creating the life you want.

In the next 12 months you will transform you mindset and life by learning how to use what you're good at to create exactly what you want.

No more wasting your precious time scouring the internet for how-to's, tactics and templates.


In this 12 month experience you will:

  • Create a business and life vision that makes your soul sing 

  • Take massive steps towards making your vision a reality now 

  • Rewrite the story of a past that said "You can't do this."

  • Discover your niche

  • Create a powerful and enticing offer that includes pricing and growth strategy

  • Find your voice and talk to your people

  • Get eyes on your work/offer

  • Develop a marketing strategy that comes from your heart and that you LOVE!

  • Grow peace, safety, and security within yourself 

  • Trust your gut when it says "YES DO IT" no matter how crazy your friends and family think you are 

  • Use art, journaling, breath work and more to calm the fear and anxiety inside you so you can use if FOR you 

Plus…so much more.

It doesn't matter if you are a new entreprenuer or seasoned, this is about to change every part of your life.

I’ve been where you are...I know what it takes to overcome paralyzing fear, stop looking to Google for answers, and create a life you can’t wait to get out of bed for every day.


"Amanda helped me grow my business when I really (I mean really!) needed to. And more than that she helped me learn how to make impactful and brave decisions for my piano studio that worked for my lifestyle AND my students’. Working with her was the best business decision I’ve made in 13 years."

Stephanie Castor
Owner of A Casa Piano Studio

"I came to Amanda feeling scattered with my energy in multiple places. I had passion, but couldn’t move forward. Through compassionate listening and questioning, Amanda guided me to become aware of my insecurities, fears of failure, and low self worth that were blocking my success. Her coaching style was gentle and grounding, as she helped me to believe in my own abilities. Making decisions from my heart; aligned with my values. Amanda created a container where I felt safe to step into the fire of my personal and professional goals. "

Courtney Perkins
Health and Wellness Coach

This 12-Month Program Is For You If You: 

  • You're ready to break the rules and create a badass service-based business (or already have a service-based business and want to up level it).
  • Want to quit your job and start a business doing what you're good at, but don't know where to start.  Overwhelm, fear and confusion are getting in the way.
  • Are looking for a combination of business coaching and mindfulness techniques to help you build a successful and sustainable business.
  • Want a step-by-step process for building a business that is uniquely tailored to your strengths, values, and goals.
  • Are willing to commit to weekly coaching sessions, work hard between sessions, and develop the mindset, beliefs, and habits that lead to success and abundance.


  • 12 months of support
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls
  • Support between sessions via Voxer
  • Two surprise boxes sprinkled throughout the year
  • Complimentary tickets to workshops and masterclasses offered throughout the year.


This powerful, highly supportive program is designed for professional women who want to start a business doing what they're good at...which may have to do with their current career, hobby or interest.

The program combines business coaching and mindfulness to help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and create a successful business. 

We take a full year in this program because urgency slows us down.  But when you have time to build, gather data, get support and take action you can create something mind blowingly good.

It's time to drop the resistance to fear and do it scared!


Take a moment to imagine what's possible 12 months from now.

Clients Love That This Program Is...

  • There’s a specific process to follow.
  • You will work on your business - doing thought exercises as well as creative and strategic activities to make progress.
  • You will have a space to ask questions and receive accountability.
  • You can start from 0 and end the program with a real life business!
  • You will create an unstoppable mindset.
  • You will create something that lifts others up and allows your uniqueness to shine out into the world.
  • You will learn how to develop a powerful mindset and a business that works.
  • You will work hard between sessions so you make progress week by week.
  • You will create a service-based business that you know people want.

Meet with Amanda to see if this 12-Month Coaching Program is right for you!


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