Coaching Sessions

1x1 Coaching Sessions are Included in Your Membership 

Purpose of Coaching Sessions:

During a coaching session we’ll talk about your goals with your home practice, where you feel stuck, and what you can do to become unstuck as well as actions you can take to get closer to your goal.

In a coaching session you will receive tips, tools, strategies, inspiration, and lots of encouragement. So if you're looking for direction, personalized support, or just want to talk about your experience, I'm here and would love to connect with you!

Length of Each Session:

Coaching sessions are 20 minutes long.  These short but powerful sessions that will help you rise and overcome obstacles so that you can achieve your goals.  

How to Schedule Your Session:

Click here to schedule your session.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  

Is There a Cost?

No, coaching sessions are included in your membership.