Power Within

Transform Your Business, Unleash Your Potential

A six-week journey for entrepreneurs {and aspiring entrepreneurs} who are ready to shift from feeling stuck to unstoppable.

Begins April 30, 2024

with Amanda Upton

Are you tired of drowning in conflicting advice about the "right way" to run your business?

Overwhelmed by the multitude of voices—from gurus to online sellers—telling you what you should be doing?

If you're feeling lost, frozen, and unable to take action amidst the noise, Power Within is your sanctuary.




Who is Power Within for?

Power Within is for entrepreneurs {and aspiring entrepreneurs} like you, who are tired of feeling alone in their business journey.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the endless stream of ideas and advice, and you're craving simplicity and support from a community of like-minded women, then this program is tailored just for you.


Open to women identifying individuals. This includes those of both cisgender and transgender experience, non-binary trans femme, intersex and gender-expansive people.


This program is specifically designed for women who:

  • Have lots of ideas but don't know which one to go with.
  • Keep waiting, hoping for more time to work on their business.
  • Start and stop, then start again, feeling stuck in a cycle.
  • Take lots of action but are not seeing results in terms of money or clients.
  • Want to share their message but feel paralyzed around social media or getting the word out.
  • Desire to make more money but feel stuck on how to do that.
  • Question whether they know enough or are good enough to succeed.
  • Have lots of experience but lack certifications or licenses, feeling hindered by this.
  • Have a history of not following through and doubt their ability to change this pattern.
  • Feel completely overwhelmed by which process to follow.
  • Experience uncertainty and self-doubt, wondering how to create and promote a coaching business amidst struggles with confidence and self-worth.

What to Expect:

Power Within is more than just a coaching program—it's your lifeline in the chaos of entrepreneurship. Together, we'll cut through the clutter of conflicting advice and dive deep into simple processes that bring clarity and direction to your business.

But here's the magic: Power Within is where you'll find your voice, be heard, and share openly without judgment. It's where you'll receive the support you've been craving, along with gentle nudges to step out of your comfort zone and into your greatness.

Through our six weeks together, we'll shine a light on where you are stuck, helping you see yourself more clearly than ever before. With actionable strategies and personalized guidance, you'll break free from analysis paralysis and take bold actions that lead to real results.

And the best part? You'll do it all surrounded by a sisterhood of women who understand your struggles because they’re in it too. Together, we'll laugh, we'll learn, and we'll lift each other up every step of the way.


In this program, we'll focus on the most basic and vital steps of your business, the ones you experience the MOST drama and confusion about:

Your niche

Your pricing

Your offer



Power Within Includes:

  • Six weeks of access to group coaching + portal
  • Six 60 minute live Zoom group coaching calls (1 per week), recordings are uploaded to portal
  • Private podcast for deep dives on content

This is a sanctuary experience where you will experience being heard, supported and guided.



If you are experiencing challenges with….



Getting "No's"

Money Drama

Creating Results


Then this program is for you!


Each week I'll teach on a topic and then each person in the group will have an opportunity to get coached.



Through a combination of teaching and coaching, I’ll help you:

Manage your thoughts and emotions while putting yourself out there, failing, and trying new things.

Create self-confidence so that you will not only believe that you can help people, but that you are also the perfect person for the job.

Evaluate your work so that you will always know exactly what to do in your business, and how to adjust your efforts if they are not working.

What to calendar when you don’t have clients, and what to eliminate off your calendar completely.


My story in a nutshell...

I tapped into the power within me after feeling like my spirit was dying everyday I went to work at my corporate job.  I decided I knew enough and had enough to determination to create a life I felt alive in so I quite my job and became a life coach.


This one ☝🏼 decision led me to create multiple businesses and revenue streams, a steady five figure income and a flexible schedule so I could take care of my daughter.


My life is unrecognizable in the exact way I wanted.  Not because I followed a check list someone on the internet gave me, but because I followed my intuition and vision.


I’m going to help you do the same thing.


In addition to my personal experience with working in and then quitting the 9-5 world, I have worked with over 100 clients, talked to hundreds of women, have a psychology degree plus an educational leadership degree, and have been a certified, practicing life coach since 2010. 🙌🏼


Ready to go from stuck to unstoppable?


Power Within

Transform Your Business, Unleash Your Potential

Pay In Full



  • Six weeks of access to group coaching + portal

  • Six 60 minute live Zoom group coaching calls (1 per week), recordings are uploaded to portal

  • Private podcast for deep dives on content


Pay In Two Payments



  • Six weeks of access to group coaching + portal

  • Six 60 minute live Zoom group coaching calls (1 per week), recordings are uploaded to portal

  • Private podcast for deep dives on content